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OHMY! how was it born?
It was born 5 years almost for fun even if I am always growing up in bread and fashion.
I have always followed my dad in his sales campaigns, at fashion shows and for showrooms and my mom in her wonderful antique and vintage shop.
I've always had a particular passion for  VINTAGE  and to give things a second life since for me  they are not just objects, but real opportunities, if we know how to look at them with different eyes.
I initially worked on the rework of vintage levis distributing in over 40 stores throughout Italy when the world of rework in Italy did not yet exist.
Over the years I have evolved, reinvented and decided to expand my research work in rework and in the search for unique vintage pieces.
When you buy a product made in our laboratory or around the world you need PATIENCE and TIME .
The time that "forces" you to wait for the products we make in the laboratory sometimes, for whole weeks, in a world where everything is within reach of a phone and where the desire to immediately wear something is sometimes higher than understanding that you are receiving a unique piece that expert hands have worked on for hours.
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